Doctor Moro is a villain who appears in the two-part "Fossil Fools" episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a deranged mad scientist who is an expert on dinosaurs. He was sent by Nightmare to help King Dedede fuel his new dinosaur obsession by cloning dinosaur DNA and building a theme park to prove that real dinosaurs do exist. However, Moro is secretly working to create an army of dinosaur monsters from the DNA of the people of Cappy Town, which look just like various of those inhabitants themselves! His secret intention also involves using Kirby's superior Star Warrior DNA to create the ultimate monster: Kirbysaurus. Dr. Moro's special ability is cloning dinosaur DNA and mixing it with other living beings' DNA. He uses needles, especially flying ones that look like mosquitoes, to do so. He works in a laboratory where he makes new dinosaurs in the likeliness of the people he managed to take some genetic samples from. Doctor Moro eventually becomes freaky-looking when he's ordering his minions to attack. In the end, both Doctor Moro and his minions were killed by Crash Kirby.

In Power Rangers, Doctor Moro is the protagonist and another main characterist on Kirby Universe. He worked Samuel used the new technique called DNA Fusion Mode. He also appears in Pirates Attack, he revealed Jody Crowley is his granddaughter created by him from the past.

Doctor Moro is voiced by Hiroshi Naka in the Japanese version and Darren Dunstan in the English dub.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Doctor Moro is of the same species as Tiff and Tuff. He is dressed just like a scientist, has tufty gray hair and a gray moustache, and blue sunglasses. When he's ordering his minions to attack, Moro changes to be freaky-looking, having his hair stand straight up and his sunglasses turn more evil, and growing small fangs and sharp claws in the process. Doctor Moro is also one of the few monsters who can talk.


  • Dr. Moro, like the episodes he's in, is based on Doctor Moreau from the novel "The Island of Doctor Moreau".