Hawk Kirby is a mix ability from Kirby: Four Cards, it is created by mixing Wing and Animal.

With the Hawk ability, Kirby has the ability to scratch enemies with his sharp talons, shoot feathers and fly. It also makes him a little faster, however he loses the ability to Toss.

Controls Edit

B: Talon Scratcher - Kirby scratches enemies in front of him with his talons.

B ← or → : Sharp Feathers - Kirby shoots some feathers from his wings, similar to Wing's Feather Gun.

A: Fly - Kirby flies in the air, will slightly damage airborne enemies.

B ↓ : Talon Land - Kirby dives and enemies get scratched by his talons on his way down.

B (near an enemy) : Suprise Wing - Kirby grabs his enemy and flies up, he then lands on the ground with it, creating a small shockwave on the ground. Any enemy underneath him when he is landing is badly hurt.