Kirby of the Stars: Starry Day is an anime and the sequel to Kirby: Right Back at Ya! . It takes place a year after the episode 'Fright to the Finish'. Obviously you know most of the characters already.

Plot Edit

Dude, I need to think of a better plot. Gonna edit it soon

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Kirby - The main character. He was having a picnic with Tiff and Tuff one day and ... I need to think of more to write...

Tiff and Tuff are brother and sister and live inside Castle Dedede with their parents. They had a picnic with Kirby one day and its the same as Kirby's story. D:

Adeleine - New character yay. She is a painter who has came to Pop Star to find the whereabouts of Ado, her brother/sister/twin whatever. She befriends Kirby after he encounters her when he was having a picnic.

Meta Knight is a Star Warrior who fought agaisnt Nightmare a long time ago.

More coming soon, yay