The Suit Kirbies are a group of Kirbies who appear in Kirby: Four Cards. They all have a marking resembling a suit.

Diamond Edit

Diamond is the current leader of the Suit Kirbies, and the only female besides Loving Heart. She is a white-coloured Kirby with dark grey feet who wears a hat resembling the one Magic Kirby wears and white gloves with Diamond symbols on the back of them also she has a dark grey Diamond symbol under her right eye. Diamond also has hair underneath her hat.

She has a nice personality but can become angry very easily. She is searching for the whereabouts of Grand Spade, the previous leader of the Suit Kirbies. However, during the search, the Suit Kirbies are attacked and possesed by an unknown being. When Kirby firsts meets her in Frosty Forest, she summons the rest of the Suit Kirbies to attack him.

When Kirby enters the boss room of Frosty Forest, he encounters the possesed Diamond. However instead of summoning the Suit Kirbies she attempts to defeat him herself. She can throw playing cards at Kirby just like Magic Kirby can (which can be inhaled for the Magic Ability). She can duplicate herself, though the duplicates flash and she also tries to headbutt Kirby. When Kirby defeats her, Diamond is cured of her possesion and tells Kirby what happened and then she realizes she was attacked by Grand Spade! Afterwards Mirage Resort is unlocked.

Loving Heart Edit

Loving Heart is a light pink Kirby with hot pink feet, she also has a heart symbol located on her left 'hand'. She is very shy and does not like to fight. However when the Suit Kirbies are attacked she is possesed and fights Kirby in Frosty Forest, her main attack is firing a large, red heart at Kirby, firing several smaller ones at him and jumping. Her heart attacks can be swallowed for the Cupid ability.